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Generate customized, printable greeting cards online from an image


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Sample Generated Card

Generated greeting card screenshot

Actual PDF for sample


This utility will let you generate online greeting cards from any image. This will save you a lot of money on cards :-)

It will output a PDF file which you can then print and fold into a card.

You can upload a picture, or browse the web and find something nice to put on your card. Just note the URL of the image you like (not the page) and enter it into the URL box here.

You can also print a homemade envelope for your card with this envelope template


  1. Images are resized to fit the front of the card without regard to their aspect ratio, so try to choose images with around a 3:4 aspect ratio for best results.
  2. Lighter images work much better.
  3. When entering a URL instead of uploading a file, the utility might sometimes time out. When this happens, either try again or choose a new picture.
  4. You can have multiple lines in the text areas but keep the lines short so they fit on the card.

Utility Mill is another wonderful Blended Technologies project.

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