Utility Mill

Make New Web Utilities Fast

A little Python code goes a long way

With Utility Mill:

  • Inputs and outputs are handled for you automatically
  • You just supply the Python code that does something new
  • You get a RESTful API for free (XML and JSON)
  • You get revision control for free
  • All utilities are open source (GPL)

Newest Utilities

  • Water_bill_splitter How to split a water bill fairly when tenants move out or in. last improved by greg
  • Vigenere_cipher Encodes and decodes using the various methods. Not only Vigenere! last improved by gcq
  • Regex_Debug This allows you to see how a regex might be compiled. last improved by Zero
  • Peer_Evaluator This program is designed to help distribute points during peer evaluations. last improved by Zero

Utility Mill is another wonderful Blended Technologies project.

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